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  • A loved one has died but what do I do next?

    You will need to collect the medical death certificate from the Doctor or Care home which you will then need to take to the registrar. You will also need to make initial contact with a funeral director of your choice.

  • Can I use a funeral director of my choice if death occurs in hospital or in a care home?

    Yes. If the hospital or care home arranges for your loved one to be picked up you still have the option at any point to choose your own funeral director. Simply instruct the funeral director of your choice and they will arrange for your loved one to be picked up.

  • Where is the body kept once it has been moved?

    If we are conducting your funeral then the body will be kept in our onsite mortuary, where it will remain until preparation for the chapel of rest and family viewing should you wish or until the day of the funeral.

  • Where do I collect the death certificate from?

    If the death has occurred at home, the GP will issue the medical death certificate. They will either give this to you directly or you may need to collect it from the doctors’ surgery. If the death occurred in a hospital or Care Home you will be given the certificate by the bereavement office.

  • Where do I register the death?

    The death will need to be registered in the area where the death occurred, even if the death occurred a distance from home. But don’t worry we are able to provide you with advice and guidance on this.

  • How many copies of the death certificate will I need?

    The Registrar will issue you with one copy. However we would recommend requesting several copies depending on your own individual circumstances as you will need original copies for many other institutions including the bank, Local Authority, Pension administrators, solicitors etc.

  • When do I have to register the death by?

    Deaths in England and Wales or Northern Ireland should be registered within 5 days – if this is not going to be possible, you should inform the Registrar. In Scotland, deaths must be registered within 8 days.

  • How soon can the funeral take place?

    Depending on your religious beliefs and crematorium, mosque or church availability the funeral can taken place within 48hours, however in practical terms they normally occur within 7 to 10 days. Your funeral director should always endeavour to book a funeral date convenient for the family.

  • What is a chapel of rest?

    The chapel of rest is a viewing room which allows families to privately pay their respects to the deceased.

  • Can I bring in clothing for the deceased to be dressed in?

    Yes you can. We are happy to accommodate your requests or provide our own gown clothing.

  • Am I able to put personal items into the coffin?

    Yes, you can put personal items in the coffin. However if a cremation funeral is booked any explosive, glass, ceramic or non combustible items will need to be removed before cremation. Don’t worry; we can answer any questions you may when arranging the funeral. All removed items will be returned to you after the funeral.

  • I have heard about embalming, but what is it?

    Embalming is a preservation technique that involves introducing a chemical preservative fluid. Don’t worry any procedure is only carried out with your specific agreement.

  • Do I have to have a religious ceremony?

    No, there are an increasing number of options.
    Most funerals in the UK follow traditional religious practices with a typical service taking approx. 30 minutes, although this can be extended should you require longer. There are a number of options available including a secular service which could include poetry, music and or a reading of appreciation of your loved ones life. We are happy to talk you through specific options when you come in to arrange the funeral.

  • What is a Non-Service Funeral?

    We are now pleased to offer a new level of funeral service, should you need to arrange a funeral with no attending friends or family, or simply want a constrained budget option. We can arrange a funeral where we take care of all of matters without attendance or service, to ensure the deceased is given a respectful cremation and organise for the ashes to be scattered. Please come in to talk to us about options available.

  • Can members of our friends or family be coffin bearers?

    Yes. We are happy to provide our experienced bearers or help with all your individual requests. We will be on hand throughout the ceremony to help make your service go smoothly.

  • Do you offer any other forms of transport apart from the hearse to carry the coffin?

    Yes. We have organised a variety of transport options including to name a couple motorcycles and horse-drawn carriages. However talk to us when you book the funeral to discuss any specific requests you have.

  • How soon can I collect the cremated remains after the funeral?

    You are normally able to collect the cremated remains within a few days of the funeral. Please speak to us with any specific timings you have.

  • Is the coffin cremated with the deceased?

    Yes. Rest assured once the coffin has left the funeral directors your loved one cannot be removed from it.

  • How much will the funeral cost?

    There are several factors that determine the funeral cost including type of funeral, choice of coffin, number of limousines required, etc. We are happy to talk you through all the options available and build a specific funeral plan based on your needs.

    To help with funeral planning we have produced some basic pricing information. Simply CLICK HERE to view our standardised price list.

  • How can I pay?

    We only ask for a deposit to cover the disbursements (i.e. clergy, cemetery, Church, crematorium fees) and a percentage of our funeral directors fees. A final invoice is only sent out to you for the remainder of balance to be settled after your funeral service.

  • What if I cannot pay for all of the funeral myself?

    If you are claiming benefits or having trouble paying for a funeral that you have to arrange, you may be able to get a Social Care payment to help you with the cost. For more detailed guidance please click on the following link to the Department of Works and Pensions “Help with Funeral Payments” 

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